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The Standalone Float Sensor:
The magnetic level switch consists of Polyurethane Foam Float carrying permanent ring magnet and non-ferrous stem carrying one magnetic reed switch in its assembly. This model of SS Float sensor has no rigid mounting arrangement and has flexible connection cable holding the sensor assembly in suspended state. This has an advantage that the level at which the sensor has to operate can be easily adjusted by altering cable length. As the water level varies in the storage tank, the float moves vertically along the stem and when the float reaches the vicinity of reed switch, the magnetic field of the permanent magnet forces the reed contact to close, thereby completing the external electrical circuit.
These sensors are ideal for single level sensing in HSD, LDO, DM and DI water, OEM Machinery, Humidifiers and dehumidifiers, HVAC Water control, chemicals and solvents Processing and Storage, Condensate and Hot water conservation, Breweries and Distilleries, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industry, Solvent recovery, Lubricating equipment, Solvent Extraction, Food Processing, Dairy etc. These Liquid Level Control Systems are supplied both as components in Original Equipment, as well as fully functional Level monitoring and Automatic Controls for Processes.:

  • The Stainless Steel sensor stem and stoppers will be of SS314 Standard.
  • The "Polyurethane Foam" Float with embedded Ring Magnet will be the moving component.
  • The major advantage with this type of sensor is that prior planning of sensor level need not be calculated and the height can be modified as and when required.
  • Multiple Number of sensors can be used tougher when more levels are required to be sensed.
  • The sensor can set to provide either N/O or N/C signal with the raise of liquid level just by inverting the PU Foam float in the assembly even by the user.
  • The complete Fabrication is done with TIG welding for corrosion free life.
  • The Electronic switches used are imported with Excellent Operating Performance and Repeat Accuracy.
  • The Electrical connections are direct cable connection which extends outside the tank.
  • This sensors are suitable for any smaller tanks and regular chemical tanks also.
  • The height of the sensor has no limitation as the cable length decides the length which is extendable.
  • The sensors are also available with SS Float sensor, which are suited for filtered water SS tanks to indicate tank full indications.
  • These sensors are also threaded for top mounting for tank full sensing.
  • The sensor generates potential free contact signals which can be connected to any controller or level alarm unit.
  • The sensor is also ideal for using in conjunction with BMS systems.
  • The sensors also come with right angle assembly for wall mounting of the tank for tank low level sensing in filtered water tanks and various process tanks.
  • The sensors are completely maintenance free and has ONE Year Guarantee