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The PU Foam Float Sensor:
Basic Principle: The magnetic level switch consists of Polyurethane Foam Float carrying permanent ring magnet and non-ferrous stem carrying one or more magnetic reed switches at desired levels. As the liquid level varies in the storage tank, the float moves vertically along the stem and when the float reaches the vicinity of reed switch, the magnetic field of the permanent magnet forces the reed contact to close, thereby completing the external electrical circuit.
These sensors are ideal for HSD, LDO, Lubs, Water Treatment plants like ETPs and STPs Water Supply and Disposal, Electroplating and Surface finishing etc. These Liquid Level Control Systems are supplied both as components in Original Equipment, as well as fully functional Level monitoring and Automatic Controls for Processes.:

  • The Stainless Steel sensor stem and float level stoppers will be of SS314 Standard.
  • The "Polyurethane Foam" Float with embedded Ring Magnet will be the moving component.
  • The Sensor Flange and Mounting Bracket are of SS 304 Standard.
  • The complete Fabrication is done with TIG welding for corrosion free life.
  • The Electronic switches used are imported with Excellent Operating Performance and Repeat Accuracy.
  • The Electrical connections will have Weather Proof Bakelite enclosure.
  • This sensors are suitable for huge water storage tanks and regular chemical tanks also.
  • The height can be of up to 3000mm and as less as 50mm.
  • For the sensing of high temperature liquids, the sensor comes with SS Float which can handle upto 110°C.
  • The sensors can have as many levels set as required with multiple floats and with 75mm minimum distance between levels.
  • The sensor provides potential free contact signals which can be connected to any controller or level alarm unit.
  • The sensor is also ideal for using in conjunction with BMS systems.
  • The sensors comes with mounting Flange of 50NB or 65NB table D BS10 (British Standard).
  • The sensors are completely Maintenance Free and has ONE Year Guarantee.