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The Programmable Universal Timer Model:
This model, as the name suggests, is an Industrial Grade Programmable Timer which can be configured in different modes, namely, as ON Timer, OFF Timer and as Cyclic Timer modes. The ON Timer mode and Cyclic Timer mode also has an added feature of level control function for storage tank sensing, which is best suited for the Borewells with limited water source to operate periodically.
The System has 16 Digit Two Line Alphanumeric Display with intellegent backlite and only three push button membrane key switches for complete programming procedure for programming the timer. The complete programmed values, mode of operation, Set and Elapsed time will be stored in a Non Volatile Memory in the system. The system also comes with simple 2 digit password protection to avoid unauthorised program alteration. The Timer has the following three modes of operations.
ON Timer Mode: In this mode, the timer can be set to switch ON the load for programmed ON duration. The programmable time will be in minutes only and can be programmed from 1 minute to 999 minutes. (Which is more that 16 Hours). The system will display the Set Time Value in first line of display and will show the Running Time value in the second line which gets updated every minute and also has a Second Blinker.
This system also comes with a built-in internal memory which remembers the timer elapsed during the running of time and in case of power failure in middle will same the elapsed value and will start from the same value on resumption of power supply. The system is suitable for industrial heaters, mixers, aggitators, cooling fans, outdoor lighting and anywhere timing is of a subject of concern. The system can also be used for Borewells with limited water source as the system also comes with level sensing feature and will override the timer and switch OFF the Borewell in case if tank becomes full within the set time.
OFF Timer Mode: In this mode, the timer can be set to start the load after the programmed OFF duration. Every timer when the system is powered, the timer will start the OFF timer for the set value of time after which it will turn ON the load. This timing is suitable for heavy electrical loads to avoid overloading of power line and to maintain uniform power drawing from line and to safe guard the load from electrical surges and mechanical overloads. The system can also be used to turn ON Boilers, chargers and other many applications can be found in chemical and process industries.
Cyclic Timer Mode: In this mode the timer can be programmed to have preset ON time and OFF time values and the system will execute the set values in cyclic fashion. This will control the load to turn ON and turn OFF continuously. This is very useful process for power saving in many processes where continuous operation is not essential. The system can also be programmed to execute either ON time first or OFF time first on start of cyclic operatin. This will also help to maintain duty cycle of many industrial equipments. This system also has an external control signal input through which the opertion can be paused or halted. This feature is very useful in operating chiller plant or cooling tower control panels for maintaining desired temperature.
Application in Borewell Pumping Automation: In some places Borewells will pump water for few minutes ranging from 3 miutes to 30 minutes and after which it will stop pumping partaining to lowering of water table in the bore. The water table will resume after some time which again ranges from one hour to 10 hour. In such cases the pump has to be operated with required ON duration and OFF duration. This system has built-in level Controlling feature with which water level controlling can be done with flip-flopping order of pumping to make optimum use of borewell water level. The system comes with High and Low water level sensing inputs. When the tank becomes full, OFF sensor will sense the water level and the timer comes to halt. The timer will resume opeation when the water level drops below preset low level sensor. This system has a built-in internal memory which remembers the ON/OFF status of timer and time elapsed during the running and in case of power failure somewhere in middle, and will resume same time value and state of operation on resumption of power supply.
The System has Following Features:

  • Two line Alpha-numerical display with intelligent back light facility.
  • There are only three push button membrane key switches for complete programming procedure.
  • 2 Digit Security Code to avoid unauthorized editing of program.
  • The system has built-in memory to store the timer mode, status of operation and Programmed ON and OFF time duration.
  • The system has three mode of operation, ON timer mode, OFF timer Mode and Cyclic Timer Mode which can be selected at initial setup.
  • The system comes with Industrial Grade Electronic Components, Reliable Power Supply and Power Contactor in power coated metalic Enclosure.
  • Most advanced "Program Watch Dog Technology" to ensure trouble free operation in industrial environment.
  • The system is adoptable for any kind of starters of both Single phase and Three phase Motors.
  • This system is suitable for Residences, Commercial complexes, Residential Apartments and Industries.
  • The system has three position Power Control Toggle Switch with "Auto" mode, "Off" mode and "Manual" mode.
  • In "Manual" mode the Load or Motor can be controlled directly and system gets completely shutdown and bypassed.
  • The system comes with Unconditional One Year Guarantee.