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The SS Float Based Linear Level Transmitter:
Basic Principle: The Linear Level Transmitter consists of non-abrasive Float carrying permanent ring magnet and non-ferrous stem carrying multiple magnetic reed switches for the complete length of sensor. As the diesel level varies in the storage tank, the float moves vertically along the stem and when the float reaches the vicinity of reed switch, the magnetic field of the permanent magnet forces that particular reed contact to close, thereby changing the impedance of the circuit and resultant output signal value:

  • The Stainless Steel sensor stem and float level stoppers will be of SS314 Standard.
  • The Stainless Steel Float with embedded Ring Magnet will be the moving component.
  • The Sensor Flange and Mounting Bracket are of SS 304 Standard.
  • The complete Fabrication is done with TIG welding for corrosion free life.
  • The Electronic reed switches used are imported with Excellent Operating Performance and Repeat Accuracy.
  • The Electrical connections will have Weather Proof Bakelite enclosure or Flame proof pre-cast aluminum enclosure.
  • This sensing system has advance electronic circuitry which converts the vertical movement of the float to linear electrical signal, either 4-20mA or 0-10V DC signal.
  • The height can be of up to 3000mm and as less as 50mm.
  • The sensor senses every centimeter of movement of the float and converts it into the linear value for the total length of the sensor.
  • The sensor is suitable for the linear level indication in terms of liters or Kilo liters of any liquid especially for diesel or chemical storage tanks.
  • The sensor is also ideal for using in conjunction with BMS systems.
  • The sensors comes with mounting Flange of 50NB or 65NB table D BS10 (British Standard).
  • The sensors are completely maintenance free and has ONE Year Guarantee.

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