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The Intermission Bell Timer:
This device is basically a bell timer, which rings the Electric gong bell at set times for the preset programmed duration as per requirement. This is a cyclic timer which maintains the stored values of time in a built-in memory and repeats the cycle on programmed days at exact programmed times. This has a two line alpha-numerical display which will be continuously displaying the "current time" in 'HH:MM:SS' (i.e. Hour : Minute : Second) format with 12 hour mode.
The programming does not need any special skill and can be easily done by anybody with little common sense and programming information provided. The real time can be permanently stored in the system which will retain the time even in case of power failure. The bell times which are programmed will be stored permanently in a built-in special non-volatile memory chip. When bell rings at any programmed time the display will indicate the details of bell time for 10 seconds and then automatically changes over to display real time.
The System has Following Features:

  • Two line Alpha-numerical display with intelligent back light facility.
  • There are only five push button membrane key switches for complete programming procedure.
  • Security lock-switch to avoid unauthorized editing of program.
  • Provision for long and short duration ringing of bell. (Programmable Bell duration)
  • Provision for week programming, which automatically switches OFF the timer on Sundays and takes different times for Saturdays (if there is any).
  • Continuous Display of NEXT BELL timing of that particular day.
  • Most advanced “Program Watch Dog Technology” to ensure trouble free operation.
  • The Timer retains the set timings in memory even in case of power failure.
  • Rugged industrial grade Plastic molded enclosure with angled front panel.
  • CAD designed industrial grade electronic Multi layer circuit board.
  • 10A Relay Contactors incorporated to handle any numbers of powerful electric bells.
  • Models availablewith 20 Programs and 40 Programs storing capacity.
  • Provision to operate the electric bell manually in cases of emergency.
  • Facility for ‘custom built system modifications’ to suit individual requirements.
  • 230 V AC power supply with very nominal power consumption.
  • The system has TWO Year Guarantee against manufacturing defects.

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