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The Horizontal Mounting Float Switch:
Basic Principle: The horizontal float level switch consists of stainless steel Float hinged in such a way that it can vertically have angular movement. As the liquid level varies in the storage tank, the float moves angularly, up or down, transferring the mechanical movement to the outside mechanism thereby completing the external electrical circuit.
These sensors are suitabel for huge milk silos, Food Processing, cosmetic oil, Lubricating oils, Hydraulic Fluids, Edible oil:

  • The Stainless Steel sensor of SS314 Standard.
  • The Sensor Flange and Mounting Bracket are of SS 304 Standard.
  • The Sensor is a precise machined mechanical component with horizontally hinged SS Float with stem.
  • The complete Fabrication is done with TIG welding for corrosion free life.
  • The sensor has heavy duty Micro switch contactor used for converting mechanical movement to Electrical signal.
  • The Electrical connections will have Flame Proof pre-cast aluminum enclosure.
  • This sensors are suitable for huge chemical storage tanks and milk silos.
  • The advantage with these type of sensors is that the operating level can be decided during tank fabrication.
  • The sensors can handle temperatures upto 300 degrees as it has no electronic components.
  • The sensor generates potential free contact signals which can be connected to any controller or alarm unit.
  • The sensor is also ideal for using in conjunction with BMS systems.
  • The sensors comes with mounting Flange of 50NB or 65NB table D BS10 (British Standard).
  • The sensors are completely maintenance free and has ONE Year Guarantee.