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The GSM SIM Based Remote Starter Control System:
This model is a Remote Pumpset Starter Control system which can be controlled with a help of any regular Cell Phone. When the starter can be controlled from mobile phone, naturally it can be from anywhere in the city, or anywhere in the world for that matter. The system has following features:

  • The system can control three phase or single phase starters.
  • The system should have one registered GSM SIM inserted in it.
  • The system can be made to control the pumpset starter through your mobile just by sending simple SMS of digit 1 to switch ON and 2 to switch OFF.
  • The system can be programmed to receive the control command from the single mobile only or from any mobile.
  • This system communicates with the mobile from which the command signal is sent and confirms the action taken, i.e. the sender will receive the confirmation SMS message as "PUMP ON" or "PUMP OFF" along with Date and Time.
  • The system has Power ON, Pump ON and Signal ON indications.
  • The system informs after the power resumption to the control mobile in case of power failure.
  • This system also has built-in single phase preventer for three phase pumpsets.
  • The system can also be programmed to act as autostart system for agricaltural pumpsets. (Autostart systems will automatically switch ON the Pumpset always when there is availability of EB Power Supply.)
  • The system also comes with dry run preventer for any borewell pumpsets. 2 core cabling can be done from the control unit to the delivery pipe end of the water line and water flow sensing can be acheived.
  • These above features make the system also to be very useful in agricaltural sector to operate the pumpset in the field pumprooms, which will usually be very far from the main house.
  • The system can also be used to control any other electrical equipments with GSM remore control concept.
    • The other uses of this system can be like
    • Switching ON the Gyeser or AC before arriving home.
    • Switching ON and OFF of the Gate and Corridor Lights or a TV of an unoccupied house, to deter any house break.
    • Controlling industrial process pumps as per required timing.
    • you may find much more uses as per your needs . . .
  • In "Manual" mode the Pumpset or Load can be controlled directly and GSM controller gets completely shutdown and bypassed.
  • The system comes with ONE Year Guarantee.

In case if your pumping system does not fall within above category, Please mail us or call us with details for technical support.