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The Dualmotor Model:
This model is a Water Level Controller which is a completely Automatic System with Built-in advanced 'Pumpset Protection Circuitry' and "Automatic Power Changeover Circuitry" and Power Selector Switch. This system can be adopted where there are two pumps installed for a common task as Main Pump and Stand-by Pump. Dual motor control system

  • The system automatically controls pumping of water from Underground Sump / Well / Borwell to Overhead Tank.
  • The system has an intellegent "Automatic Power Changeover Circuitry" which will changeover from one pump to another pump after every pumping operation.
  • This automatic changeover keeps both pumps in running condition and makes sure that both pumps are in good condition all the time.
  • The system is ideal for places where one main motor and one standby motor are installed for reliability reasons.
  • The system also provides Dry run protection to the Pumpset. ( i.e. when water is not being pumped into Overhead Tank due to any reason).
  • The system provides Low voltage and High voltage protection for the Pumpset.
  • The system has Surge Voltage/Current Protection for the Pumpset.
  • The system can be upgraded into "Multi-tank control system" to maintain water level in several overhead tanks.
  • The system also has built-in industrial grade pump selector switch for both single phase and three phase motors as a provision for Manual Changeover.
  • This system is suitable for similar types of starters only, either single phase or three phase starters.
  • The system comes with Industrial Grade Electronic Components, Reliable Power Supply and Power Contactor in Powder coated Metallic Enclosure.
  • This system is based on AC sensing technology, hence the sensors non-corrosive and maintenance free.
  • This system is suitable for Residences, Commercial Complexes, Residential Apartments and Industries where for reliability reasons two motors are installed.
  • The system has three position Power Control Toggle Switch with "Auto" mode, "Off" mode and "Manual" mode.
  • In "Manual" mode both the Pumpsets can be controlled directly using selector switch and level controller gets completely shutdown and bypassed.
  • The system comes with maintenance-free Tin Coated Copper sensors and has Two Year Guarantee against manufacturing defects.