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The Fuel Level Controller:
This model is a Diesel Level Controller which is a completely Automatic System with additional Overflow/Low level Alarm indication system. This system works in conjunction with Stainless Steel Float Sensors which is also manufacatured by our company.

  • The system automatically controls pumping of Fuel (High Speed Diesel) from Main Storage Tank to Day Tanks.
  • The system takes potential free signals from Flame Proof Stainless Steel Float Level Sensors.
  • The system switches ON the Fuel Pump when the diesel level falls below certain level in the day tank and will switch OFF the Fuel Pump when the Day tank fills to a certain level as set by the user.
  • The system has provision to drive alarm when the level of fuel drops below the set danger level or exceeds above the certain set level.
  • The system comes with Industrial Grade Electronic Components, Reliable Power Supply and Power Contactor in Powder coated Metallic Enclosure.
  • The system is adoptable for any kind of starters of both Single phase and Three phase Motors.
  • The system comes with a 'Trigger Button' with which pump can be manually triggered to switch ON, if and when required, and then pump will be switched OFF automatically.
  • The system has three position Power Control Toggle Switch with "Auto" mode, "Off" mode and "Manual" mode.
  • In "Manual" mode the Pumpset can be controlled directly and level controller gets completely shutdown and bypassed.
  • The system comes with an unconditional One Year Guarantee.