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The Cyclic Timer Model:
This model is a cyclic timer incorporated to the Water level controller which is suitable for Borewells with limited water source.
In some places Borewells will pump water for few minutes ranging from 3 miutes to 30 minutes and after which it will stop pumping partaining to lowering of water table in the bore. The water table will resume after some time which again ranges from one hour to 10 hour. In such cases the pump has to be operated with required ON duration and OFF duration.

  • The system Automatically controls pumping of water from Borwell with limited yield to Overhead Tank or Underground Sump.
  • The system also provides Dry run protection to the Borewell Pump. ( i.e. when water is not being pumped into the Tank due to any reason).
  • The system can be programmed to set the ON duration to which the pump has to be operated and OFF duration of pumpset.
  • The system has separate three digit seven segment LED displays for indicating set time and elapsed time.
  • There are only four push button membrane key switches for complete programming procedure.
  • The system has built-in memory to store the status of operation and Programmed ON and OFF time duration.
  • The system memory also stores the 'ongoing' ON and OFF time duration of the operation and in case of power failure, it continuous from the elapsed duration.
  • The system memory is nonvolatile, i. e. it retains all the stored information even in case of power failure.
  • The system provides Low voltage and High voltage protection and has Surge Voltage/Current Protection for the Pumpset.
  • The system comes with Industrial Grade Electronic Components, Reliable Power Supply and Power Contactor in Plastic molded Panel Mounting Enclosure.
  • The system is adoptable for any kind of starters of both Single phase and Three phase Motors.
  • This system is suitable for Residences, Commercial complexes, Residential Apartments and Industries.
  • The system has three position Power Control Toggle Switch with "Auto" mode, "Off" mode and "Manual" mode.
  • In "Manual" mode the Pumpset can be controlled directly and level controller gets completely shutdown and bypassed.
  • The system comes with One Year Guarantee against manufacturing defects.