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The Countdown Timer:
This is a microprocessor based product, which is basically a Programmable OFF TIMER with digital display of time. The system can be connected to the Pumpsets or any Electrical Loads, which will switch OFF the gadget as per the programmed duration.

  • The timer can be programmed from 01 minute to 99 minutes
  • The timer has seven segment 2-digit display for the display of set time and elapsed time.
  • The timer has built-in memory chip to store the value of set time.
  • The system has a second blinker with minute beep.
  • The system has three Push button switch for programming and operating.
  • The system comes with industrial grade electronic components and plastic molded enclosure.
  • This system has 30A built-in miniature contactor to handle load current.
  • This system is suitable for operating time dependent loads like boilers, pumps and many industrial applications.
  • The system has unconditional ONE Year Guarantee.