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The Basic Model:
This model is a Water Level Controller which is a completely Automatic System without any 'Pumpset Protection Circuitry' feature:

  • The system automatically controls pumping of water from Underground Sump / Well / Borwell to Overhead Tank.
  • The system can be upgraded into "Multi-tank control system" to maintain water level in several overhead tanks.
  • The system comes with Industrial Grade Electronic Components, Reliable Power Supply and Power Contactor in Powder coated Metallic Enclosure.
  • The system is adoptable for any kind of starters of both Single phase and Three phase Motors.
  • This system is based on AC Sensing Technology, hence the sensors are non-corrosive and maintenance free.
  • This system is suitable for Residential Applications and simple Industrial requirements.
  • The system has three position Power Control Toggle Switch with "Auto" mode, "Off" mode and "Manual" mode.
  • In "Manual" mode the Pumpset can be controlled directly and level controller gets completely shutdown and bypassed.
  • The system comes with maintenance-free Tin Coated Copper sensors and has TWO Year Guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Do It Yourself: Installation Procedure, Step by Step explanation with Photos and Diagrams.
Our Water Level Controller is a User Friendly, Reliable, Maintenance free and Easy to Install system which can be installed with minimum technical knowledge by the user or with the help of simple electrician. With complete technical information provided, level controller or level indicators can be installed easily. Select your pumpset type and its starter type, then follow the installation procedure for the same.

In case if your pumping system does not fall within above category, Please mail us or call us with details for technical support.