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The 5 Level Indicator Model:
This is a Water level indicator system which indicates 5 different levels of water in any tank:

  • The system automatically indicates water level in underground sump / overhead tank.
  • The different level indications are 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100%.
  • The system can also provide Flow indication of water into the tank if required.
  • When water level reaches 100% an audible Buzzer indication can also be provided.
  • The system comes with industrial grade electronic components and powder coated metallic enclosure.
  • This system is based on AC sensing technology, hence the sensors non-corrosive and maintenance free.
  • This system is suitable for Residences, Commercial complexes, Residential Apartments and Industries.
  • The system comes with the maintenance-free Level Sensors.
  • The system comes with TWO Year Guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Do It Yourself: Installation Procedure, Step by Step explanation with Photos and Diagrams.
Our Water Level Indicator is a User Friendly, Reliable, Maintenance free and Easy to Install system which can be installed with minimum technical knowledge by the user or with the help of simple electrician. With complete technical information provided, level indicators can be installed easily.