Welcome to MV Instruments

We take this opportunity to introduce our company M.V.INSTRUMENTS as the only Reliable, Technically competent and the Leading Manufacturer of Quality “WATER LEVEL CONTROLLERS / INDICATORS” and also Special Level Sensors, Indicators and Controllers for any type of Liquid and Viscous Mass. We are in this field for the past Thirty Three Years and have developed this system from its infancy stage, eliminating its drawbacks and defects at every step.

Through intensive research, we have a Water Level Controlling System, wherein, technically speaking, there are no defects or drawbacks whatsoever. We are offering an extended GUARANTEE OF 60 MONTHS on particular models. Our installations in Bangalore itself number over 30,000 in the Domestic Commercial and Industrial Sector. We are proud to state that no other company has this special Maintenance-Free A.C. Sensory System developed and incorporated in our Automatic Water Level Controller which are designed and developed to meet high reliability standards. We believe that purchasing and installing of Water Level Controller should be a one-time investment. We hope this presentation will go a long way in convincing you about the reliability of our product. We look forward to a more meaningful association.