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The Sequential Controller System:
This is a special control system which is used mainly in larger techno-commercial complexes or industries where there will be two or more pumps operating and performing the common tasks. This arrangement is mainly adopted where system redundancy is essential. To make sure that all the pumps are in operating condition they all are operated in a standard sequential order. This model operates upto eight Pumpsets in sequential order as programmed for programmed duration:

  • The system automatically controls all the connected pumps in sequential order.
  • The system can be programmed to set the duration to which the pumps have to be operated.
  • This system is also suitable where multiple borewells operate to pump water and fill water to a common main storage tank.
  • The system can be operated in conjunction with water level controller to operate multiple borewells and fill the tank automatically .
  • The system has provision to program the duration of operation of each pumpset.
  • The system has indicators to display the particular pump in operation.
  • The system has built-in memory to store the status of operation and to decide which pump to be started for the next cycle of operation.
  • The system memory also stores the operation duration of a given pump and for the next cycle of operation, the system continues from the leftover duration and completes it.
  • The system memory is nonvolatile, i. e. it retains all the stored information even in case of power failure.
  • The system has provision to have manual control on all the pumps.
  • The system comes in powder coated MS enclosure and has ONE year Guarantee.